Working at Allianz Global Assistance

Working at Allianz Global Assistance

Working for Allianz Global Assistance is to refuse monotony. Our cultural and professional diversity is one of our greatest strengths. We’re 100 per cent service and 100 per cent human – people helping people worldwide.

Because we are a Global Family

Because we are a Global Family

We truly are a Global Family, one in which multiple cultures, ethnicities, languages, professions and personalities come together and form a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Our family spirit keeps us authentic, appreciative and respectful of one other, despite the fact that we are all very different. 

What we all share at Allianz Global Assistance, the proverbial glue that binds us, is that we love helping people. Our help is expressed in many ways.  It might be helping a business partner build brand loyalty among its customer base. It might be assisting an end customer stranded on the side of the road continue on his way. Or it might be helping fellow colleagues develop new skills.

Because we’re big on Talent

At Allianz Global Assistance, we believe in mobilising and growing Talent. How do our employees know that we want them to succeed? Because we have a clear, professional approach to target setting, to evaluating performances and to rewarding each person accordingly. How do we motivate our talent? We provide coaching and development programs to strengthen their abilities and train them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Because we value Team work

Teamwork and spirit go hand in hand at Allianz Global Assistance and form the backbone of every job. Our assistance coordinators work in teams around the clock, 24/7. You can imagine what this implies in terms of collaboration, information sharing and support. But team spirit comes from more than just working together side by side. It is born and nurtured through common values and shared objectives, from trusting fellow colleagues and relying on each other’s experiences and knowledge to help others. Many platform operators begin their careers when they are young and learn their professions together. This helps to build bonds and strong, cohesive, united teams.

Because we recognise the strength in Diversity

We are a diverse, multi-cultural community that highly values and respects individual differences and perspectives. Our diversity allows us to better anticipate the diverse needs and expectations of our customers. Our diversity is essential to creativity, to developing unique, innovative solutions and products that we use to serve our customers worldwide. Our Diversity in the workforce keeps us ahead. Quite simply, our people are our greatest asset and the reason for our success. In our Global Employee Survey, a very large majority of employees consistently give Diversity the highest rated score; they believe that we offer a working environment that accepts and embraces all differences - gender, age, ethnic, cultural and professional.

Because we thrive on Creativity and Innovation

We support creative, innovative ways of thinking, working and delivering.  Our creativity has generated exclusive technologies and commercial innovations that enable us to meet our clients’ expectations and support us in our ambition to help them, anytime, anywhere. And with us, Creativity is not reserved for a select few. We believe that everyone harbours creative potential. To allow this potential to come to life, and enable every person to feel a part of our creative engine, we have launched a worldwide program called i2s, Innovation to Share. It encourages all employees to share and implement their innovative ideas, which can range from working conditions to communication. We also recognise that our people are behind every creative move and innovation. It is thanks to them that we enjoy the success we do.